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July 24, 1996


Mr. Emile Stieffel
Executive Chef
Aurora Catering
4016 Red Cypress Dr.
Harvey, LA 70058

Dear Chef Emile,

Over the years, I have savored countless joyous experiences while dealing with your firm. Your fine food and attention to detail is exceeded only by your pleasant and accommodating manner. May I take this opportunity to thank you profusely.

With every occasion you have catered, each has been transformed into more of a special event. Not only does this result in a distinctly unique experience, it also allows me and my staff to entertain, rather than serve, our guests. The result is a more pleasant and successful event.

We are most certainly looking forward to our next adventure handled by Aurora Catering. Our staff has come to appreciate you version of "lagniappe" and hospitality.

Until then, I remain

James A Hardy
Executive Director

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