Cochon de Lait, Roast Pig

Friday - Saturday, February 24-25, 2012

THIS is one BEAUTIFUL PIG!!  It looks BIG from that view (above)....

And NOT so big from that perspective!! BUT, this is a big pig.... 74 lbs!!!   BTW, check out the foil package on the right.... I also, smoke roasted several bulbs of garlic.!

It was 74 lbs!! NOT a cochon de lait (pig with milk, or a suckling pig) .... I have seasoned it with granulated garlic, cayenne, Spanish paprika, white, and black peppers!!   Also, it is injected with a olive oil and an onion puree.

After 20 hours of a pecan smoked fire, this is what I ended up with!! WOW pure culinary beauty!!!! Oh, and for the last 3 hours I smoked roasted 2 chickens!!

Also, for the last 6 hours, I cranked up the heat (pecan wood fired).  I gently pressed on the skin and broke it.  WOW, look at the steam released!!!



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