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Béarnaise Sauce
Yield - 1 -1/2 Cups


1/2 CUP TARRAGON VINEGAR (Preferred, if not available use a rice wine vinegar Sushi grade)
4 SPRIGS FRESH SPANISH TARRAGON (about 4-5 inches long sprigs)
1/2 LB MARGARINE (Warmed to room temperature)
6 EGG YOLKS (use Pasteurized eggs!)
1/4 CUP SHALLOTS (Chopped)

In a sauce pan add vinegar, wine and 3 of the tarragon stems, reduce the sauce by half. Remove from heat and add margarine, melt margarine and allow the sauce to cool slightly (about 5 minutes). Remove and discard the tarragon sprigs.
Add the egg yolks to a blender, with the blender on medium slowly add the warm (not hot) mixture from above. Blend until the sauce emulsifies. (about 2-3 minutes)

Plate Presentation:
Pour the sauce into a gravy boat or other large mouthed bowl. Use the last sprig of tarragon and shallots and float them on top sauce. Ladle over or under your favorite grilled fish or chicken dish.

Chef's Notes:

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