Cajun-Creole Cooking 101

Chef Emile Stieffel

Office of Continuing Education (OCE)

Program Evaluation


Rating Scale   5 – excellent   4 – above average   3 – average  2 – below average            1 - poor

1.      The presenter was knowledgeable of the course content.

5- 36          4- 5          3-          2-           1-           N/A-          No Answer- 2


2.      The presenter communicated that knowledge effectively.

5- 31          4- 6          3- 3         2-          1-          N/A-          No Answer- 3


3.      What did you like best about this program?

the relaxed approach”

            his personal stories”

            facts I had not heard”


            the sausage J

            the cooking”



            cooking demonstration & history lesson”

            very enjoyable”

            cooking tips & sample sausages”

            cooking demos”

            history & food”

            hearing stories & tasting yummy food”

            knowledge & tasting”


            well rounded, not just cooking”


            food - eating”




            food techniques & tasting food”


            different andouilles & jambalaya”

            the food”

            great attitude by chef”

            comparison of sausages”

            the food J


            the friendliness of Emil”

            “He is Real- No B.S.”

            the food and cooking knowledge”

            his history & food”


            fun, great food”


            cooking demonstration & tastings”

            how he brought history into the end product.”


4.      What did you like least about this program?

“I liked it all.”


“Could not understand a lot”

too much history- not enough interaction”

a lot of history and not very much cooking.”

too much talking not enough cooking”


expected more cooking less history”

everything- history got a bit long but was interesting”

too much history”

waiting to eat”

more foods to taste”

length could be longer”

only ate one dish!”

no wine”

should be in the evening with good drinks (adult)”

too short”

no bananas foster!- evening would be better”


his personal geneology

“Too much rambling about history & not enough cooking!”

long history”

a little to much history”

long history lesson”

to much history”

too much talking- Not enough food.”


no recipes”

no handouts”

not enough hands-on”


nothing- wish it was longer”





      great job should have more programs”

      delightful man; good program”

      very enjoyable”

      “The history could be incorporated while chef is cooking instead of having so much          history @ beginning of program”

      “I wish there was more hands-on interaction.”

      “I think if he was able to incorporate the lecture with the cooking it would have kept my attention better”

      “Emile’s enthusiasm was contagious.”

      please do more of these cooking classes- get student involved.”

      very good program”

      “I really enjoyed the lesson & the food.”

      great afternoon”

      great job by presenter, great program overall.”

      great program”

      “Thanks for making this available!”

      “Should be in the evening w/ adult beverages.”

      excellent program!!”

      great fun!!”

      great presentation”

      history was too long and meandering- more personal than actual history- computer        aided- very distracting”

      “Title Misleading- It was not a cooking class- little explanation of the cooking process on            ingredients used- Very disconnected information- no clean explanation of what is cooking. Too many “side stories” not related to cooking- I came to learn how to cook Cajun dishes not for a history lesson.”

      “I expected more instruction & recipes”

      would like to had more recipes and how to”

      “The food was excellent.”

      “Enjoyed very much.”

      very informative”


      great job thanks for sharing”


Suggestions for future programs:

      “Invite Emile back again!”

      more types of food programs”

      getting more involvement from the audience, maybe give out some typed out recipes     for people to take with them”

      “More hands on cooking. Better seating arrangement”

      more cooking classes!”

      more cooking- let us do the cooking- involvement.”

      “Sample more foods during presentation.”

      more often

      “Have after 5pm”

      more food demos”

      more cooking things”

      more Continuing ed classes in cooking”

      be more specific about what will be presented”

      “WT should have more cooking classes”

      advertise these things further in advance”

      more food classes- please!”

      all day cooking class”

      nutrition and health”


      great! → increase to all day & make three dishes; have a $5 raffle for one of his pots!”

      more Emile”

      “WT needs to do more programs like this.”