Office of Continuing Education


Creole Cuisine and Spirits of the Bayou

Chef Emile Stieffel

Office of Continuing Education (OCE)

Program Evaluation


Rating Scale   5 – excellent   4 – above average   3 – average  2 – below average            1 - poor

1.      The presenter was knowledgeable of the course content.

5- 31          4-          3-          2-           1-           N/A-          No Answer-


1.      The presenter communicated that knowledge effectively.

5- 31            4-           3-          2-          1-                 N/A-          No Answer-


2.      What did you like best about this program? fabulous food and fun; everything – it was so fun to participate at the cook station!; the food; the participation; tasting the food – very interesting; watching preparations (it was all good); food preparation was interesting! And tasty!; relaxed atmosphere, participation, liked it all; watching the process; chef’s willingness to explain; to see the chef’s technique and hear suggestions; hands on activities (informal); presenter’s knowledge; cooking demos; learning by doing, enjoyed the entire program; interaction; crowd participation; interaction; very interactive, helped cook; learning how to cook Creole food; smells and that we could get up and look; eating your product; being able to participate – loved it all; It was something unique and the food was authentic; interactive; recipes, tasting, watching it being cooked; food; getting to help and eating it; able to move about and see; hands on cooking/opportunity to ask questions; tasting


3.      What did you like least about this program? More interaction with demos; not enough Bananas Foster! J; couldn’t stay for Spirits; loved it all; nothing; not everyone cooked; no booze till later; sound system; hard to hear presenter; thought everyone cooked


Comments: I loved it! Please come back!; great fun and awesome food!; loved the flavors, magnificent!; he was easy to understand and informative; very fun and informative; enjoyed every minute of it; delicious! Chef is very funny and personable; wonderful time loved the food – excited for another one – awesome!; I would love to see more classes of this type; really enjoyed it! Look forward to trying it on my own; had a great time and the food was wonderful!; Yum! I think I gained 5 lbs. Annual event? - yes, please; liked 4 stations and movement flow; Thanks for the recipes! Serving sizes were perfect. Good Louisiana music as well; presentation was awesome!! very entertaining; would love to come again;


Suggestions for future programs: Come back!; Love to do more!; anything but Mexican; love the smaller group so we could see the process; have him come back – different dishes – fantastic!; more!; have another – Chef Emile is the greatest!; please have this next year again!; lots of cooking classes – we need a culinary school; drinks and dinner together; more, more, more – Please have more cooking classes – there are none in Amarillo/Canyon! If you had this class after 5pm, or on Saturday, there would be a lot more people!; please have more cooking demonstrations