New Orleans Soul Food and Drinks Cooking Class

Presented by WT's Continuing Education Dept.

Canyon, Texas

Friday, July 27, 2012

 Pain Perdu ('Lost Bread' or French Toast)

Again I need some experienced chefs at this station because they would have to working with frying the Pain Perdu in a sweet egg custard and browning in butter...

These 'chefs' mixed the 'mise-en-place' batter, then soaked the day old and stale French breads in the batter.....

















The trick to Pain Perdu is to get the outside of the bread nicely browned and the sugar caramelized, while maintaining a creamy custard consistency inside the bread...

They hit it out of the park!!





Ann finished off the Pain Perdu by drizzling some Steen's Dark Molasses and confections sugar.




NOW, on to our last interactive event, the New Orleans Style Cocktail Drinking Class....

Mr. James Barrington of Canyon News Herald


Many THANKS to my GREAT friend Mr. James Barrington for permission to use his photographs in these pages!!!! You DA MAN!! He can be found at http://www.myplainview.com/canyon/

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