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Ms. Ellie and Hope, Future Brides!!!


Chef Laurent Stieffel demonstrating Jambalaya. Here is Chef Laurent demonstrating how to cook a Throwdown Jambalaya!  We have done this several times. We first prepare a large pot of Jambalaya to feed everyone, then actually cook a pot "on site".   It takes almost an hour an a half for the entire cooking process.  In this way people can eat while they watch!  We even distribute recipes!
Carvin' up a little roast pork!



Roast Pork Station I roasted a Cochon de Lait and several hind pork quarters.  We designed the station so a guest could serve themselves some Jambalaya and choose a precut roll.  One hind quarter was "pulled" and the meat was smothered in our South Seas Dipping Sauce.  The other hind quarter was carved "plain" and customers could choose what kind of meat they would like on their sandwich, and add their own condiments. (See the table to my left.)       For a little lagniappe, I supplied some smoked boudin and chaurice sausage. 

All in all, a GREAT Engagement Party!!

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