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Anaheim Chile Pepper and Citrus Marinade -Hot --
Béarnaise Sauce -------------------------------------------
Beef Marinade -------------------------------------------
Caramelized Onions ---------------------------------
Carrot, Onion and Jalapeño Salsa (Escabache)  Great substitute for the standard table salsa.
Cay Lime Pepper Sauce ----------------------
Chicken Stock ---------------------
Chipotle Chicken Dippin Sauce ------------ This is great for pulled pork also!
Chipotle Remoulade Sauce ------------ To get a smoky flavor I used Silver Spring (TM) Chipotle Mustard
Chocolate Rum Sauce ------------
Classic Cocktail Sauce----------- I also have some ideas added to make is somewhat non-traditional
Coconut Curry Sauce --------------
Creole Mango Salsa --------------
Creole Mornay Sauce ------------
Creole Sauce --------------------
Custom’s Pesto Sauce -------------
Custom's Louisiana Hot Sauce -----------
Ginger/Grapefruit Marinade -----
Hawaiian Roasting Glaze -----
Horseradish Spice Dip ------------
Jerk Kiwi Sauce ------- Great for Jerk Chicken Wings!
Lazy Cajun Hollandaise Sauce -------
Oyster Sauce (not completed recipe)------------
Peppadew Remoulade Sauce Recipe --- Slightly sweet yet spicy!

Pickled Purple Cabbage ------ Great topping for Red Beans, Pulled Pork and soooo many other dishes!!

Pickled Red Ripe Jalapeño Peppers, Baby Corn, Fresh Garlic.... MANY others!!!
President O'Brien's Remoulade Sauce ---------- This recipe is great for boiled shrimp or Eggs O'Brien
Remoulade Sauce --------------
Rice Wine Vinaigrette ----------
Rosemary Olive Oil -------------------
Ruston's Peach Salsa -----------------
Scratch Remoulade Sauce -------------Make your own Remoulade Sauce!
Shrimp and Basil Marinara Sauce -----
Shrimp Stock ------------------------------
Smoke/Roasted Garlic Purée -------
Smoke/Roasted Onion Purée ------------
Smoked Duck Stock or Demi Glaze -------
Smoked Garlic Olive Oil -----------------
Smoked Shrimp Sauce ------------------
Table Salsa ------------------------
Tarragon and Garlic Vinegar --------------
The Captain’s Bread Pudding Sauce ----------
Traditional Cocktail Sauce ------------------ I also have some ideas added to make is somewhat non-traditional
Tomato Chutney ---------------

Uncle Freddie's, World Famous, Original, Traditional, Award Winning, Always Copied... Never Surpassed...   Orange Marmalade Recipe
Aurora Catering's Vodka Sauce ------ This is one of the best and most versatile sauces that you can use for seafood or a light ravioli pasta.
White Rose Shrimp Sauce ------

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