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Bar-B-Que Gospel Tips and other Tips that will help ya cook Cajun food!
Meat Preparation Techniques--
Marinade Information ---
Dry Rub Information ----
BBQ Cooking Techniques ----
BBQ Fire Preparations & Tips ----
Jambalaya Do's and Don'ts --------------A must read for the Jambalaya Chef
BBQ Equipment Choices ------
Seafood Grilling Techniques -----
Smoking Techniques ------

Char-Broil's Big Easy Oil-Less Turkey Fryer Tips, Use and Review

Specialty Drinks and Miscellaneous Notes

Buffalo Mary    -----------------This is the drink recipe that I developed for the WTAMU Brunch

Buffalo Thunder ---------- Made with a Gas Powered Blender!

Abita Michelada -  Great Beer recipe drink with Mexican Food!
Cochon du Lait Carving -
A Pantry of Dry Rubs -------

Herbsaint Lemonade -------- This is what we served for our Cajun/Creole Interactive Cooking Class at SMSU
Lazy Remos Gin Fizz     ------ We did this one at SMSU also!!
ORIGINAL Sazerac Cocktail  ------ And this one!!
Asparagus Butter ------
Basic Roux Techniques ---------- This is what you need to know to cook Cajun and Creole foods
House Seasonings ------
Ponce De Huevos (Egg Nog)----
Smoked Garlic Butter ---
Tasso Smoked Seasoning -----

Indicates winner of Louisiana Hot Sauce for contributing this recipe!!

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